How Do Our Car Key Cutting and Programming Services Work?

If you’ve ever found yourself locked out of your car, you may already know it can be very tense. This is scarier if you don’t have any spare key or fob to hand! However, no one is perfect – we always suggest that you have a spare or two to hand, but ultimately, if you have no other way of getting into your vehicle, there is always someone you can call for help. Specifically, you should contact Vehicle Key Services; we offer specific car key-cutting and programming services to help get you back on the road.

Our team continuously undergoes professional training in the latest key cutting and programming technologies to ensure the highest security and customer satisfaction. This commitment to ongoing education and mastery of our craft is a cornerstone of our services.

What if you no longer have your original key or fob – does this mean you cannot get back into your car? Not at all. You’ll need to make one call to our team to get back in the driver’s seat again. Read on to learn more about how this all works.


What We Do

Car Key Cut

Here at Vehicle Key Services, we are a leading company offering drivers the chance to regain access to vehicles they may otherwise be locked out of. Our team is composed of certified professionals who specialise in a range of car makes and models, ensuring that no matter what type of vehicle you have, we’re equipped to handle it efficiently and effectively.

Clear Pricing and Reliable Service

Also, we pride ourselves on our transparent pricing and ethical service standards. Every step of our process is communicated clearly to you, the customer, ensuring no surprises or hidden fees.

Even when you are in the worst-case scenario – where you’re locked out and don’t have a way of getting access back into your car – our experts can be on hand to either cut you a new key or completely reprogram your lock.

We use leading portable equipment to carefully analyse your locks and critical fob systems while you wait. This means that even if you lose your keys in the morning, we may be able to get you back up and running again by early afternoon!

This means you no longer need to worry about where your keys might have gone. For immediate assistance or to learn more about our services, call Vehicle Key Services now at 07811 020796

We also place a high priority on customer feedback. Following each service, we encourage our customers to provide reviews and suggestions, which we actively use to improve our services further.

A recent review by Slawomir Kolodziej Absolutely fantastic service! Came to my house to make an extra car key. Excellent service, also the cheapest I was quoted. Would highly recommend. Thanks again!

have gone, too.


Why Choose Car Key Cutting and Programming?

Ultimately, car key cutting and programming means granting access to your car without worrying about who might have access to your old keys or missing fob.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and techniques ensure that your new keys are programmed with the highest security standards in mind, effectively rendering any lost or stolen keys useless.

We will reprogram your central locking system, which means that even if someone does find your old fob, they won’t be able to use it to unlock your car. Instead, you’ll have a brand new fob that you can use to access your car afresh. This is a great way to regain control without scrambling for lost keys.

Safeguarding Your Vehicle The Importance Of ID Verification

To be able to unlock and reprogram your car, all we ask from you is identification and proof of ownership before we get started. Ideally, you’ll need a photo ID – a driver’s licence or passport – and a logbook for the vehicle.

showing ID for proof to gain access to the vehicle

This procedure is part of our commitment to security and customer protection, ensuring we only provide services to legitimate car owners.

This will give us the confidence to unlock your car and get you up and moving again.

Emergency Assistance

We also offer emergency services for those unexpected situations, providing quick and reliable assistance. Our team is equipped to reach you promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to your day.

Crucially, we want to ensure you can bounce back from a scary situation without detriment to your day. Always ensure that you stay with your vehicle before we arrive – and if you believe that someone may have stolen your keys or fob, it will be a good idea to report such matters to the police.

report lost or stolen keys to the police


Lost Your Car Keys?

Losing your car keys doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all. In fact, with our leading local car key cutting and programming service, you can get back on the road again without having to fret about whether or not anyone has access to your old fob. Peace of mind is what we trade in – and we want to make sure you have this from the moment we arrive.

At Vehicle Key Services, we understand the urgency of these situations. We offer a rapid response service, ensuring you’re not stranded for long. Our mobile units are equipped with the latest car key technology, allowing us to cut and program new keys on-site, irrespective of your car’s make or model.


We are a leading name in car unlocking and fob reprogramming. When you notice your keys are missing, contacting an emergency service as quickly as possible makes sense. Our team of skilled technicians has extensive experience in dealing with a wide range of car locks and key issues, ensuring you receive efficient and effective service every time.

In addition to our emergency services, we also offer advice on safeguarding your vehicle against key loss in the future. Whether recommending the best types of key safes or providing tips on key management, our goal is to help you avoid similar situations in the future.

Don’t be left hanging or worrying about your car keys – call Vehicle Key Services now to get back in and drive again.