Why Use Our Lost Car Key Replacement Service?

Losing your car keys can be an extremely stressful time! You’ve checked every pocket, your bags, your wallet, your purse – and they’re nowhere to be found. What on earth do you do now? You may still have access to your car, but it’s not going anywhere fast. And what if someone gets access to your keys in the meantime?

Don’t panic. Lost car keys are easier to replace and to accommodate for nowadays than ever before. While you would previously have to wait days for metal to be cut to your exact locks, you can now get a replacement fob and key system put in place the day your keys go missing. How do you do this? By calling the experts at Vehicle Key Services who can lend you a hand.

Here are just a few great reasons why you might want to consider using our lost car key replacement service right now.

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We’re Flexible

Losing your car keys can be an emergency situation. We understand, therefore, that you are going to need access to your vehicle again at very short notice. With this in mind, you can call us at any time to get access to our emergency call-out service. We cover Sheffield, Chesterfield, Doncaster, Rotherham and beyond. What’s more, we can be with you in a matter of hours.

Losing your keys, no matter how you do it, could be a major security risk. Therefore, we always encourage you to speak to one of our team right away. Don’t try and get back into your car yourself! Call a specialist who can reprogram a fob and how can get you back into your vehicle with ease.

Locked Out? No Problem

In some cases, you may even leave your keys in your car by accident! While there won’t be any risk of anyone else trying to drive off with your vehicle, you’re still going to need help to get back in. Using gentle tools and professional technology, we will be able to pick your car locks and let you back into your car to retrieve your keys. That’s less worry, hassle and time wasted for you.

If you’ve locked yourself out and have lost your keys, too, we will be able to reprogram access for you using a brand new fob. This means your existing fob, wherever it may be, will deactivate. It’s a great way to make sure that, should your old keys ever be picked up, they can’t be used to gain access without your knowledge!

Replacing Broken Keys

While you may think that keys are meant to be designed and built to last, anything could happen! If you happen to break your car keys or fobs, it’s time to call in help from your local lost car key replacement experts. We’ll produce new fobs for you, completely reprogrammed so that they connect with your vehicle’s inner locking mechanism. It’s a great way to gain access back into a vehicle without having to do anything too drastic.

Replacing lost keys and broken keys should never have to be a matter of using force. By using the best tools in the business, we are confident that we will be able to help you gain complete control of your car once again.

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No Spares? No Worries

One of the first things we check with our customers is whether or not they have had spares made. If they have, fantastic – they will still be able to access their vehicles. However, with the main keys lost, they may still wish for a new fob to be programmed. This means that the lost key can now be deactivated. While you may have access to your car with a spare, don’t ever get complacent. If you feel someone you know may have stolen your main fob or may have access to it, it is always a good idea to think about getting a new fob programmed ready to use.

It’s so important to take good care of your car. The last thing you want is for the wrong person to steal your wheels! Take no chances – protect your keys at all times. If you can’t, get in touch with our experts and we will happily help you out.

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