Why Install a Van Security Lock to Your Ford Transit?

Are you doing enough to protect your van? If you don’t already have a van security lock in place, your cargo may be at serious risk of theft.

Ford Transit vans are amongst some of the most popular vehicles that you can find on the road. Even people who do not regularly need to transport mass amounts of products find Ford Transit vans to be particularly useful! They can also transport many people, which is ideal for bigger families, and are famous for handling themselves well on the road.

That being said, chances are that even if you do not transport a lot of cargo regularly, you will at some point use the space in your van to fill with certain things. Be it furniture for moving, toolboxes, clothing, or even holiday equipment such as baggage and so on. Or, you might use your Ford Transit van frequently for work or carrying heavy things.

Either way, ensuring the safety of the items within will be a top priority for you. That is why adding a second lock to your van could be the very best thing for it.


Extra Security is Essential!

Ford Transit Van

You cannot have too much security when it comes to your transit, and adding something as simple as a van security lock could save you a lot of trouble in the future! Stolen items from vans are hard to recover, and the things you have inside may not be insured. CCTV is great, but this will only help you recover your goods if they are stolen; prevention is best.

Even if they are, you may not be able to retrieve identical items, depending on what you are carrying, especially if they have emotional value. It could be a nightmare scenario!

It can take criminals seconds to break into your Ford Transit van, but the chances are that if they even see a second lock, they will not even try it. It’s an amazing deterrent!

Now, you may think that your current van locks will do the job just fine – but would-be criminals and vandals are getting smarter – unfortunately! Your standard Ford Transit door lock might not be enough to protect you.


Other Things to Consider

Ford Transit vans have been on the road for a long time – since the 1960s. Of course, they have evolved a great deal since then, with the latest generations of transits coming out in 2013.

Obviously, along with the rest of the vehicle, the locks on the van have evolved over time as well. They have become significantly more secure since their ancestors first rolled off the lines – however, just as the locks have evolved, so too have the criminals!

Anyone who wants to break their way into a vehicle will find a way. It’s not scaremongering – it’s the truth. As locks on all vehicles are not updated regularly, the tools needed to break into them have not needed to change either, making a break-in that much easier.

Unfortunately, you will find that most criminals can make their way into your Ford Transit security locks in seconds. The only real issue that they will face is having to carry all of your stuff away!

That’s why adding extra security, such as an extra lock, is the best way to ensure the safety of your vehicle and all of the items inside. Do not make it easy for thieves to take what is yours.


How Can We Help?

Hykee Replocks - van security lockYou can add security to your Ford Transit van by having a Hykee Replock installed. These locks provide top-notch security for your van, and upon seeing them, thieves will not even try to best them, as they do not have the tools to break into them.

Here at Vehicle Key Services, we can provide you with the very best van security lock fitting, as well as other standard locksmith services (such as helping you access your vehicle if you have lost or broken your car keys, for example).

We have provided security and unlocking services to all different kinds of vehicles, and you can rest assured that you are hiring an efficient and trustworthy company when you call us to get your transit better secured. We are here to make your life easier by granting you that extra peace of mind!

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