Why Use Our Replacement and Car Key Reprogramming Service?


Losing your car keys can be a nerve-wracking time. After all, without access to your vehicle, you may be at risk of losing time, or even money. You’ll have worries about how much it might cost to get into your car again, or whether or not someone has access to your keys and fob. Don’t panic. Here at Vehicle Key Services, we specialise in making sure that you always have access to your vehicle, whether you’ve misplaced your keys and fob, or if you’ve had your keys stolen. But how can car key reprogramming help you in the long run?

Lost Your Car Keys?

lost car keysCar key technology has, of course, come a long way in a very short space of time. While we were all previously using physical keys to unlock doors, we now largely use fobs. This is seen as a more secure way to ensure only you have access to your vehicle. Unlike keys, a fob can’t easily be cut or manipulated. What’s more, it can be easily reprogrammed. Plenty of cars still use standard keys as added protection, however – meaning the old technology is still likely to be with us for some time to come.

If you’ve lost your car keys or fob, car key reprogramming will effectively reset the lock combination for you. This means, regardless of where your fob or keys may be, you will be able to get back into your car with a new security combination. This also means that your previous fob or keys will now be obsolete. There’s no chance of them working with your new program.

A new key fob is quick to arrange. We simply need to take a minimum of information from you when we arrive, and we will be happy to set you up with a new program. This is for both our security and yours! Always be ready to prove your ownership of a vehicle in question, and we’ll be ready to reprogram its locking mechanism to allow you ease of access once again.

Have Your Car Keys Been Stolen?

stolen car keysStolen car keys can be a major worry and for a good reason. If you suspect that your car keys have been taken from you, or if you have had them stolen from you by force, it is important to take action right away. In the event of any possessions being stolen, you should contact the police at the first instance. However, you should also think about car key reprogramming to ensure that only you will retain access to your vehicle. If you still have your car available, we will be able to reprogram the locks within a matter of minutes. This means interception of your car is impossible – it’s rather like changing the locks on your front door, or asking for your bank card to be cancelled.

However, this process is much quicker and much cheaper than you may think. We can reprogram cars while you wait, which means the moment you notice your keys are missing – and for whatever reason – we can attend your property and get your locking mechanism changed over as soon as possible. It’s never a good idea to delay these matters where you can help it!

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