5 Ways We Prioritise Car Key Security with Our Locksmith Service

Keeping track of your car keys is a simple act of everyday safety and security. Losing track of your key fob or physical keys can be a heart-stopping moment. Not only does Vehicle Key Services care deeply about giving you back access to your vehicle as soon as possible, it’s important to us that you retain the car key security you demand.

Our years of experience in the trade, as well as our specialist expertise, will help you to regain complete control over your car keys and your vehicle. However, we will also make sure to keep you safe and secure through the whole process.

Unsure how to enhance your car key security following a fob loss or theft? Don’t worry. Here are some great ways in which we can help.


We’ll Deprogram Lost Keys for You

Even if you don’t know where your original keys or fobs are, we will be able to completely deprogram them. This means that, once you have a new fob or set of keys up and running, they will be the only access controls you have to your car. This means, of course, that if anyone accesses your missing fob or keys in the meantime, they won’t be able to unlock or drive your vehicle. Simple! This is a security basic – when you get a new key or fob, make sure the missing set no longer works.


We Run Thorough Checks

No matter the jobs we take on, we always make sure that you receive a thorough and comprehensive service. This way, you can ensure that you always receive the support you need to get up on the road again. There is more to unlocking and reprogramming a car than just setting it back up for you to use. We will consider your circumstances, offer advice, and make sure you are completely happy.


man giving car keys to woman

We Check ID Carefully

Not just anyone can access or request car key reprogramming or car unlocking. When you call our team, we will head to you as soon as we can. However, we will always do so on the proviso that you satisfy our data protection policy. Can you prove your ID when we arrive? Do you have your logbook to prove that you are the owner of your car? Don’t feel that these processes are awkward or unnecessary – they are crucial to making sure that you, and only you, have access to your vehicle.

This means that we will never rush into car key reprogramming and unlocking without making sure we know that it’s your car. This way, you have extra confidence in the fact we won’t unlock your car for just anyone.


We Spend Years Training

You only have to look at our range of services and specialities to realise how much care and effort we put into car key security standards. Our team has years of dedicated expertise in ensuring that we know the full ins and outs of car key programming and unlocking for all leading models and makes of vehicle. This means that, as well as guaranteeing you that we have our eyes on your security at all times, you will benefit from a flexible and reliable service.

It’s tempting to think that a car key reprogramming firm may only be able to unlock one or two vehicles. However, this is never the case with Vehicle Key Services! We will take great care to unlock and reprogram fobs and keys for a huge array of cars. What’s more, you can always rely on our secure services in a pinch, calling us in an emergency situation throughout the year.


We’re Here to Help and Advise

We don’t just offer physical car key reprogramming. If you’re struggling to ensure that your car stays safe throughout the year, you can count on our team to offer you the best advice and support. We have worked with thousands of people over the years, and this also means that we have seen a huge variety of different security problems, too. We understand that no two cars are the same, and at the same time, we also understand that customers’ needs will differ.

Are you struggling with car key security? Want to know more about reprogramming keys, or general vehicle safety? Be sure to call us now at Vehicle Key Services on 07811 020796 for all the support you’ll ever need. Or, email us if you’d like to know more – and always ring our emergency helpline in a desperate situation.