I Lost My Car Keys – What Should I Do?


“I lost my car keys!” Lots of us have said it! However, if there’s really no way of you finding your keys, you’re going to need help from an expert locksmith and vehicle key provider. Losing your car keys isn’t the end of the world – as a local tradesperson will be able to provide you with access to your vehicle and will replace your keys for you at short notice. But what action should you take when you first lose your keys? How can a locksmith help, and what should you tell them? Here at Vehicle Key Services, we make things simple and straightforward for anyone who may be struggling with a missing key saga. Don’t panic!

Set of Car Keys

Do You Have a Spare Set?

It may sound like something you’ve probably already considered, but it’s worth bearing in mind. If you’ve cut yourself a spare set of keys, you will at least have access to your car in the meantime. However, if you are worried that someone may have access to your original keys (if they have been lost or stolen), it is still worth consulting with us. We will be able to reprogram your car so that you, and only you, have access to your vehicle. If you don’t have a spare set, don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Do Car Locks Need to Be Changed?

The days of using physical keys to unlock car doors are largely behind us. New cars and vans have auto-lock and unlock fobs, which connect specifically to their designated vehicles. Therefore, if you lose your fob or access key, we won’t need to physically change any locks or mechanisms on the car itself. We will simply have to program a new fob or two for you.

We will also make sure that we override the program previously used by your lost keys. Therefore, if they are picked up and somebody tries using them, they won’t do anything. It is similar to losing a bank card – call a specialist as soon as you know something is missing, and the technology can be replaced at short notice. If as soon as you realise ‘I lost my car keys’ you worry that you’ll need to change all the mechanisms, stop – as we won’t need to touch a single element of your vehicle (apart from the ignition in some cases).

Man Holding Car Key

What Will a Locksmith Do?

As a local locksmith for modern car and van owners, it’s our duty to get you back in your vehicle with complete peace of mind as soon as possible. This means we need to make sure your old key fobs are deprogrammed, and that you have new access to your car within a few hours. This can mean that we need to reconfigure your ignition, particularly if you still use a traditional key to turn it on.

Older cars will still need locks changing. However, this is not a process that takes much time, nor does it cost the earth. Simply call us, and we’ll come to you to address the problem. Once we’ve deprogrammed your car while you wait, you’ll be able to get back in and on the road again, without having to worry about what happened to your original fob(s).

What Information Should I Provide?

Before contacting us, we recommend you make sure you have certain details to hand with regard to your vehicle. This will allow us to speed up your query and to make sure you gain access to your vehicle again as soon as possible. Please try to provide the following details when calling us:

• Your postcode and address
• Your car registration number
• Your car model (e.g. Ford)
• Your car make (e.g. Escort)
• Your car ID or identification number (you’ll be able to find this in your log book or on your V5C document)

Please all be ready to provide personal details such as your name. We will ask you to provide identification on consultation, which means we recommend you have a passport or driver’s license handy for when we arrive.

I Lost My Car Keys – Help!

Don’t worry. If you’re thinking ‘I lost my car keys – what do I do now?’ – we’re here to help. Providing you can provide your identity and your ownership of your car, we will be able to reprogram your vehicle and grant you fresh access within hours. Contact Vehicle Key Services today on 07811020796 or email our team to learn more!