Looking for Ford Transit Key Replacement Services for Your Van?

Whether it’s for business or everyday use, Ford Transits are fantastic vehicles – they’re big, reliable, and great for those of us who need to move tools and heavy goods around regularly. Even if you’re just doing the odd bit of shopping, a Ford Transit is an amazing investment. But what happens when you find the need for Ford Transit key replacement?

Just like every other UK road vehicle, your Ford Transit is going to need at least a fob and a key to get you up and moving. Both to open and lock your van, as well as to light up the ignition, it’s extremely important to keep a close eye on your keys. That said, losing fobs and keys can happen to any of us – which is why it’s really important to keep a spare on hand, or at least to have local support to help.


We’re here for you

Ford Transit Van

Vehicle Key Services’ team of unlocking and key reprogramming experts has years of experience in helping drivers of all kinds of vehicles get back on the road again. Whether you have lost your Ford Transit keys or have a faulty fob, not having access to your van can be a nightmarish time. Of course, the best thing to do is to make sure you have a plan of action in place.

Do you have a spare to hand? Even if you do, if you are worried that your keys may have been stolen, it’s essential for security to make sure your fob and keys are the only ones that actually work. Otherwise, anyone could operate your unlock mechanism from a distance, and make away with your van.

That could be your livelihood or your only way of getting from A to B gone in a flash – is it really worth the risk leaving fob and key replacement to the last minute? Probably not!


Don’t panic

Of course, the best thing to do right away when you know you’ve lost or broken your Ford Transit key fobs or even the keys outright is to keep as calm as you can. Try and stay with your vehicle, or at least in sight of it. If you think your van keys may have been stolen, be sure to call the police and get a reference number for the suspected crime. Whatever you do, don’t try breaking into the van yourself!

You should then make sure to call Vehicle Key Services, who can be on hand at short notice with Ford Transit key replacement while you wait. Please ensure to have valid photo ID and proof of your ownership, and we will take the time to get you unlocked and back in the driving seat as efficiently as we can.

Rather than risk breaking into your Transit or losing your van in the interim, time is of the essence to get in touch with professional unlockers and reprogrammers. Our team can analyse, unlock and replace your van keys/fobs in a matter of minutes, minimising any loss of business to you, as well as any potential lost time out of your day.


Call us now

Vehicle Key Services is pleased to offer an emergency van key and fob replacement service across Chesterfield and beyond. If you are in need of Ford Transit key replacement at short notice, we’re the team to call – it’s well worth keeping our number and details on one side should you need them in dire circumstances later down the line. Get in touch now if you need us – and sit tight, we’ll get you and your van up and away ASAP.